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University of Fonz

The University of Fonz
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The University of Fonz

Are you cool enough for the University of Fonz?

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The Dean of our establishment.

Remember, when you face times of trouble, where hard choices have to be made, remember that immortal question What would The Fonz do?

OK, so Fonz is King... but this isn't just what this site is about. Oh no! This community is about anything and everything. As long as it's pretty darn groovy. Found a new band you want to pimp out? Let us know! Found the greatest shoes ever? Come baring pictures. Seen something random that made you laugh? Post pictures!

Rules... because we've got have a couple...
*The Fonz says No! to promoting other communities. And what the Fonz says is law.
*Fangirling is welcome, nay expected. Particulally if it relates to Kaiser Chiefs.
*Don't be mean. It's not big, it's not clever... and I'll set Zombie!Freud on you if you do.

And a word from our sponsers...
Whitey: (On why the album is called "Employment") It's a classic British problem.
Simon: No, that's umemployment.