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The coolness continues...

What coolness can I bring you today?

Well I have a couple is ideas...

1st - We need a pretty darn cool layout. If anyone knows how to make on/steal one from elsewhere pleast let me know!

2nd - It would also be cool to have one of those promo pictures... as more members would be great!

3rd - How about something like challenges? Something like everyone has to recommend an song that everyone needs to hear (but not a well known song/artist), or do something random and post pictures. Things like that. So what do you think?

Now you're sat through my mod-ly-ness... a reward...

Image hosted by
This sign can be found in Leeds. In case the picture doesn't come out too well is says "Go through yourself into the Sea".
I know at least one of you has already seen it, but I was having trouble finding a pic!spam that didn't involve Kaiser Chiefs.
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