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It struck me today that I keep using phrases that come from songs/musicians... So I decided to see if anyone else could add some to my list.

So far, off the top of my head...

Emily Kane: That ex-boy/girlfriend that you just can't let go off. Even to the point that you ruin other relationships because of it.
Usage: He's got some serious Emily Kane issues going on.
Stolen from: Art Brut

Pete n' Carl style: To make up with a big reunion, much to excitement of people. Must include hugging.
Usage: They had this big make-up, Pete n' Carl style.
Stolen from: The Libertines

I Predict a Riot: The city center on a Friday/Saturday night... about the time the clubs kick out.
Usage: Was in town last night, it was way IPAR.
Stolen from: Kasier Chiefs

Doing a Pete: When something is being totally unreliable.
Usage: My car died yesterday. It keeps doing a Pete.
Stolen from: Pete!

It's all gone a bit Babyshambles: See "Doing a Pete"

That what I can get off the top of my head. Anyone have any more?
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