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Wednesday, October 5th, 2005
11:57 am
The Fonz returns...
As found on Yahoo.co.uk this morning...


Current Mood: frustrated
Tuesday, October 4th, 2005
8:47 pm
i NEED this....

Wednesday, September 28th, 2005
2:02 pm
It struck me today that I keep using phrases that come from songs/musicians... So I decided to see if anyone else could add some to my list.

So far, off the top of my head...

Emily Kane: That ex-boy/girlfriend that you just can't let go off. Even to the point that you ruin other relationships because of it.
Usage: He's got some serious Emily Kane issues going on.
Stolen from: Art Brut

Pete n' Carl style: To make up with a big reunion, much to excitement of people. Must include hugging.
Usage: They had this big make-up, Pete n' Carl style.
Stolen from: The Libertines

I Predict a Riot: The city center on a Friday/Saturday night... about the time the clubs kick out.
Usage: Was in town last night, it was way IPAR.
Stolen from: Kasier Chiefs

Doing a Pete: When something is being totally unreliable.
Usage: My car died yesterday. It keeps doing a Pete.
Stolen from: Pete!

It's all gone a bit Babyshambles: See "Doing a Pete"

That what I can get off the top of my head. Anyone have any more?

Current Mood: contemplative
Saturday, September 24th, 2005
5:14 pm
The coolness continues...
What coolness can I bring you today?

Well I have a couple is ideas...

1st - We need a pretty darn cool layout. If anyone knows how to make on/steal one from elsewhere pleast let me know!

2nd - It would also be cool to have one of those promo pictures... as more members would be great!

3rd - How about something like challenges? Something like everyone has to recommend an song that everyone needs to hear (but not a well known song/artist), or do something random and post pictures. Things like that. So what do you think?

Now you're sat through my mod-ly-ness... a reward...
Random signageCollapse )

Current Mood: exanimate
12:25 am
First post!
OK Kiddies, I declare the University of Fonz open!

Let the fangirling and random-ness commence...

How about we start with a quote and some pictures...

Ricky Wilson (on Peanut): He's got a million mates and I've only got four. And they are all in the band.
Ah poor Ricky.

And now...! PicturesCollapse )

And because I'm feeling generous, AKA I stole it of the Independent...
Kaiser Chief InterviewCollapse )

Current Mood: energetic
12:11 am
i'm gonna be first to post! woo! so here is the pretty darndest greatest picture i've seen of Mr Wilson in a while. I'm obsessed with that little line of hair that men have that grows up to their belly button, this feeds my desire....

fluffy belly...Collapse )
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